Polarised lenses


Outstanding visual comfort and full protection against reflections

Polarised lenses are high performance sunglasses, providing you with a optimized vision under the sun.

When the rays of the sun cause reflections on a flat surface (road, windshield, water, snow,...), a blinding light can affect your vision. This blinding effect is particularly disruptive and dangerous while driving. Classic sunglasses allow you to reduce the degree of luminosity but are no solution for the blinding effect these reflections bring about.

Polarised lenses comprise a layer of plastic film that absorbs these reflections. This integrated polarizing filter reduces these effects and grants you a high visual comfort under all circumstances.

Without glasses
Tinted glasses
Polarised glasses

Polarised lenses can be applied to all prescription glasses. These high performance sunglasses are available for unifocal as well as progressive lenses. Like all tinted lenses, they are not comptatible with lenses with the highest thinning index (1,74).

Without glasses
Tinted glasses
Polarised glasses

Glasses24 offers you polarised lenses in GRAY, DARK GREEN and BROWN, all tinted at 85% (ensuring a highly performant protection).


  • You will not be blinded any longer by reflections of the sun on water, the road or other flat surfaces
  • Your vision is more reliable thanks to the high performance filter of these lenses
  • Your perception of colours, contrasts and reliefs is more accurate and true to nature
  • Your eyes are 100% protected

How to order?

Go to the product page of the pair of glasses you wish to order by clicking on the glasses. Navigate towards the option 'lens color'. Click on the grey button below this option. A chart will be displayed. Here, you have the option to select 'polarised lenses'. You will be given the option to pick between three possible lens colours. Select your colour of choice, and place your order as usual.

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