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Our promise

We make sure that our glasses comply with the CE european directives and are manufactured in a precise and accurate manner.

To cut and polish your lenses, we use hi-tech machines which scan the frames, and shape the lenses precisely in accordance with the frame chosen.

Qualified opticians watch over the polishing and the placement of the lenses in the frames.

A second quality control is executed by an independent team of professionals, after which they are placed in an anti-breakage packaging and send out immediately.

The lenses

What materials does Glasses24 use?

Our lenses are fabricated exclusively out of plastic, because of its resistance to shocks, its weight and its ability to filter 100% of harmful UV-rays. We use organic lenses with two different refraction indexes, in accordance with the thinning the lens needs.

The indexes go from 1,5 to 1,74. The higher the index, the thinner the lens. By applying a higher slimming index, we can obtain a result which is aesthetically beautiful and comfortable.

What are the different thinning indexes of Glasses24?

At Glasses24, we use four indexes for your organic lenses:

  • standard : index 1,5.
  • first thinning index, thin lenses : index 1,6, to 20% thinner than 1.5.
  • second thinning index, very thin lenses : index 1,67, up to 30% slimmer than 1.5.
  • third thinning index, ultra thin lenses : indice 1,74, up to 40% slimmer than 1.5.

The standard thinning index of 1,5 is included in the price. For certain diopters, a higher refraction index is needed. We are here to help you choose the ideal thinning index in accordance with the correction your vision needs:

  • Index: 1,5 (included in the price)
    +/- 2,00 diopter, particularly suited for full-rim glasses
  • Index: 1,6 (supplement of 25€)
    +/- 3,75 diopters, ideal also for invisible frames or half-rim frames.
  • Index: 1,67 (supplement of 40€)
    +/- 4,00 to +/- 6,00 diopters, ideal also for invisible frames or half-rim frames.
  • Index: 1,74 (supplement of 90€)
    +/- 6,25 to +/- 10,00 diopter. Also suited for aspheric lenses, given the excellent quality these lenses bring over the entire surface, even the edges.

The coating Glasses24 provides in the complete offer

UV Protection

UV Protection

All of our glasses are available with a UV-filter. This option is included in the price.

Scratch Resistance

Scratch Resistance

A lacquer layer is applied to render the surface of our lenses more scratch and dirt-resistant. A real necessity, because without this protection, even the cleaning of the glasses can cause scratches.

Anti-reflection coating

Anti-reflection coating

All our lenses are manufactured with an anti-reflection coating (effective up to 90%). There are many advantages to this coating:

  • Your environment is neat, as if you were not wearing glasses at all.
  • It makes driving safe. Both during the day as during the night, reflections can disturb the visibility of our surroudings and lead to danger.
  • The anti-reflection coating allows you to read for longer periods of time, or to execute manual work.
  • The coating also facilitates working on a computer because the intensity of the reflection of the screen is reduced to a minimum in such that the contrast levels are not reduced.
  • In case of colored lenses with a UV-protection, reflections are particularly disturbing.
  • The person facing you can see your eyes in a natural manner, without the disturbance of annoying reflections.

The anti-reflection coating allows for a better visual comfort.

Anti-dirt coating (LOTUS-effect)

Anti-dirt coating

Dirt particles have difficulties attaching themselves to the surface of the lens. The lens stays clean for longer stretches of time.



The TEFLON Coating is a protection against oily products or residues. It is a sort of 'auto-cleaning' of your glasses.


The right frame

Choosing the right material for a frame is primordial.

Metallic : this frame is unbreakable and unchangabel thanks to the stainless steel we use. These frames are particularly light and comfortable to wear.

Acetate : an acetate frame offers an endless variety of options for its execution and design: bright colors, prints, extraordinary shapes. The material is light and strong. Designers love this.

Titanium : titanium is an excellent material thanks to its solidity and light weight. Titanium is rust-resistant. The sensation of weightlessness reflects itself in thin and refined frames.

All the frames of Glasses24 are made with the greatest care, no matter the material used. Relax into your personal choice.

In our online eyewear store, you can effectively select different parameters for an optimal shopping experience!

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