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We have sold over 2.1 million glasses in seven years. We have more than 600.000 satisfied costumers and hope to convince you too.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with a wide range of glasses of the highest quality, at extremely competitive prices.

You are used to buying clothing, books or music online. Today, e-commerce also revolutionizes the optics market. Since forever, it has been difficult to compare the prices and offers of different opticians. Buying glasses in Belgium and in France remains particularly expensive and even if some health mutuals compensate, they still cost a lot. In fact, the costs for coverage are substantial and, often, health mutuals limit you to a compensation for one pair of glasses every two years. Thanks to online offers, it is finally possible to get informed, to compare, and to calculate for yourself: one pair of glasses from 29,90€ at Glasses24.com, all included, is a very competitive offer.

Our offer beats the competition and has already proved itself in Europe: a low single price for one pair of glasses, correction and delivery included. Furthermore, we stand for change and accessibility for all. You will see that our selection of glasses, our various lens shapes and our 30 lens tints leaves you with a wide choice. Choice is one of the advantages of online shopping. We are able to offer you thousands of products at once, amounts for which a regular store would have no space.

Our know-how: quality.

Each pair of glasses that comes out of our factory, received special care, since we are all unique human beings, and glasses are personalised, made-to-measure products. When you choose your glasses on Glasses24.com, they are uniquely made for you.

The offers of Glasses24.com can be summarised in three points : competitive prices without hidden costs, a huge selection and impeccable quality.

Created 7 years ago with the help of French and German investment funds, we have been able to quickly position ourselves as one of the leading names on the market. Today, we sell more than 1000 glasses per day in Europe and have about one hundred employees.

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