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Ski masks and snowboard masks

If you want to be perfectly prepared for the slopes, you must first familiarize yourself with the different technologies in terms of ski and snowboard masks. Depending on the weather and the ski area, the requirements for your mask will change. Masks should be well adjusted without compressing the eye area.

A wide field of view and integrated draught-free ventilation dynamics are also important, preventing fogging on the screen and ensuring uncompromising skiing pleasure.

You should also pay particular attention to the color of the screen.

  • Dark screens are perfect for very sunny days.
  • The clear screens give you a quality view even on cloudy days.

The latter can be easily replaced, on all types of masks, to adapt to the weather conditions. For those who want to be spared this effort, there are photochromic screens whose tint changes quickly with time.

The brightly colored mirror effect screens are eye-catching and are particularly popular with professional athletes.

Of course, design also plays a major role in the choice of ski/snowboard masks. From the simple black and white strap to the one with colored patterns, everything is possible. Thus, masks not only ensure your safety, but are also the trendy stylish accessory on the slopes.

Large choice of ski masks from Alpina, Julbo, Uvex & Oakley

If you are looking for a functional ski mask with a simple design, you will find a unique selection at Alpina.

The strength of the Julbo brand? More colorful ski/snowboard masks and photochromic screens.

Those who like to be noticed and want to make a difference on the snow will opt for the Uvex brand

Finally, Oakley ski/snowboard masks significantly improve contrast and visual acuity thanks to the Prizm technology, the result of scientific research that provides light transmission control under various lighting conditions.

The names of the brands appear clearly on the straps of each mask. These are elastic and can be easily adapted to the circumference of the head and when wearing a helmet. With the inner foam on the front of the mask, which provides ideal comfort, you feel like you're not even wearing it.

The ski/snowboard masks are strongly curved to offer the widest possible field of vision without any restrictions on the sides.

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