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Men - Progressive glasses

If you already have a form of visual correction, presbyopia installs itself generally after the age of 40, and you might need an additional adjustment. In this case, progressive lenses allow you a clear vision from close-by as well as from far away, which is not the case with classical reading glasses.

Optimal comfort

Like for each pair of glasses at Glasses24, progressive glasses unite quality and competitive prices. The progressive lenses are produced in Germany, meeting the CE standards. They are made for each client individually and are conceived following the new production concept FREE FORM. This is a step-by-step study which allows to eliminate the blurry zones on the outside of the lenses. The surfacing of the lenses takes place at the rear side. This high tech digital surfacing brings the following results: a panoramic vision for far sight, a soft and fluid intermediary zone, a large space for reading. All the other lens properties of Glasses24 are also available for progressive lenses: thinner lenses if needed, anti-reflection and anti-scratch coating, tinted lenses or a UV-filter.

Aside from perfectly correcting your visual defects, progressive glasses are the most comfortable companion for all your activities. At your desk, because you only need one pair of glasses to read, see your screen and interact with your colleagues; during your leisure time, they enable you to read the program while seeing the stage perfectly, to give one example; and also during sports activities. While you practise sports, progressive lenses allow you to move safely without the inconvenience of blurry zones.

Ultimately, to optimize your vision even more, do not hesitate to go for photochromic lenses. Lenses that automatically adapt to the degree of luminosity of the moment, give you an even better adjustment to your environment and activitiy. Glasses24 allows this option at an affordable price, all while guaranteeing a flawless quality and efficient services.

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