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Solar radiation and luminosity are enemies to your eyes. If you spend a good amount of time outside, it is important to effectively protect them with sunglasses that can also be adapted to your vision. Choose from the vast selection available in the Glasses24 catalog.

An ideal protection for your eyes

You can choose your frame, the color and intensity of the lenses and of course, you can choose your corrections. Whether you are a sportsperson, someone who likes biking or sailing, or simply a person whose hobbies often bring outdoors, your job is not necessarily a sedentary one: whatever your lifestyle is, there are a thousand reasons for wearing sunglasses. Which is also how many different possible combinations there are on Glasses24. Choose a frame that you like - there will be several: you might want to choose an elegant one for work, a sturdiest one for sport, a trendier one for going out... In short, you have a large choice and, considering the low price, you can treat yourself! You must then choose the tint and intensity of it according to your needs, and you finally adjust - if needed - the optical corrections.

As you can see, choosing sunglasses is not necessarily easy, which is why we are there to help you, should you need it. You will find a lot of useful advice in our "Picking a frame" section, as well as an online test tool, which allows you to see how the frame would look on you. Once you have filled in all the information, all you have to do is order your new glasses. To help you order, we have a "How to order" section and should you require any more help, our customer support team is at your disposal.

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