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Women - Progressives Glasses

In case of presbyopia, you need glasses to see far and near. This is the occasion to offer yourself a refined and elegant pair of glasses.

Optimal comfort

Whether you already need a visual correction or not, there is the chance that after the age of forty, your ability to see nearby degrades. With the passing of the time, the crystalline loses its springiness and cannot assure the adaptation anymore for the near objects. The image is not brought correctly on the retina and the vision is blurry. A correction to see from closeby is needed. If you already needed a correction beforehand, progressive lenses are the solution to correct your vision.

Glasses24 has a wide choice of glasses that are able to be adapted with progressive lenses. You can choose between all of our categories: vintage, nerd, fashion... Also have a look at our promotions and our favorites. Whichever you pick, the service of Glasses24 will always be efficient. Note our 100% satisfied or money back guarantee which allows you to try the glasses during 30 days.

Progressive glasses have the reputation to be very costly. This is not the case at Glasses24. Because of the attractive pricing, you can even have more than one pair of glasses and change according to your mood of the day. Nothing holds you back from placing a pair in all the rooms you need one: your office, your kitchen, your car etc... And to make it even more perfect and versatile, you have the option at Glasses24 to add a UV-filter without extra cost or add polarised lenses at a very low price.

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