How to choose your glasses ?



Choosing a frame is not a trivial thing. Your glasses are a part of you and, in many cases, they wear them most of the day. It is key to choose a comfortable frame, that you love and that is completely you!

Several criteria should be taken into account. Let us outline those for you.

Type of prescription

Our lenses are thinned a maximum. Even so, there are technical constraints in regard to the degree of correction.

If you need a strong correction

We advise against choosing a frame that is too large (in width and height) because they will become heavy and reduce your comfort when you wear your glasses for long stretches of time. Also, wearing a large frame makes it harder to look above your glasses to see your environment, like people or a screen.

For far and near sight (presbyopia)

You need a frame with a large height so we can integrate the different fields of view in the lenses. You can pre-select our models that are compatible with progressive lenses. You will find them in the catalogue "progressive".

Facial shape

There are easy rules you can apply to pick a frame that corresponds to the shape of your face.

You have an angular face.

This is a face that is long and square. The forehead, the cheeks and the chin have the same width. Your face is almost as large as it is wide.

What frame? Generally, round or oval shapes soften your facial traits. You can also try on discrete frames (invisible or partial), they work well with angles and soften firm lines through their subtlety. Geometric shapes (although we advise against choosing a square frame) can accentuate your personality.

You have a round face

You have a round face, with curving lines. Width and length are the same and the widest part of your face is situated around the eyes and the cheeks.

What frame? If you want to elongate your face, you can choose rectangular and narrow frame. A light bridge makes the eyes look bigger. A round frame will accentuate the shape of your face, something that can seduce more eccentric personalities.

You have an oval face

This is a long and thin face and is often considered the ideal shape because of its well-balanced proportions.

What frame? The advantage of an oval face is that you can wear anything. It is your personality and your style that will guide you in picking your glasses. More angular frame shapes, in particular with broad temples, will bring a certain charisma to the surface. If you want to accentuate your face, you can go for a more oval or round shape, or choose partial or invisible shapes.

You have a heart-shaped face (triangle-shaped)

A heart-shaped face is characterised by a large forehead and a narrow chin. At times, it can appear to be long, when the chin is a bit pointed. In general, the cheekbones are high. What frame? The heart-shaped face is more difficult to "dress" in terms of glasses. This is why your personality should guide you towards your choice. Mostly, round and oval shapes in subtle colours are recommended, since they are known to soften facial traits. A larger frame in a cat-eyed shape can help you to bring harmony, when you have a jaw that is narrow. Men can also try angular frames - they bring character to your appearance. The only rule to respect is not choose a colour too dark or too flashy at the upper part of the frame, in order to avoid accentuating the forehead.

Do not forget! You can try on all the glasses you want with our virtual tool to try on glasses. You might find a rare pearl, just by trying.


The colour of your frame gives your face true character.

Dark frames (black, dark blue, dark gray) are clearly visible, and distinguish themselves because they provide often a strong contrast to the skin. Lighter colours are more subtle and blend in easily.

You like simplicity?

You need a colour in the shade of your hair colour. This way, the glasses will organically blend into your face. For light eyes, do not hesitate to choose a similar colour or a cold colour (blue, green, pale pink). For dark eyes, go for warm colours but not too flashy (burgundy, brown...).

You want something unique?

Pick an interesting colour. Pink, orange, red, turquoise, apple green... Bright colours lighten up all faces (tanned as well as pale complexions). The heavier the frame, the more eccentric. Thinner frames will add a touch of boldness to your appearance, while heavier frames, for example a frame in a bright acetate, will underline your eccentricity.

Find glasses that are 100% ment for you by playing with other characterics : bi-coloured, design of the branches, or even patterns in the frame...

Frame size

Last but certainly not least, it is important to choose the right size. This factor is crucial for the harmony within in your face. Below the size guidelines you should take into account: the frontal width, the height of the lenses, the width of the lenses, the bridge width and the length of the temples.

Temple length

On the product page of each frame, you find a detailed overview with the temple length. We always calculate the temple length by measuring it entirely, including the curve.

Frontal width

You measure the total width by establishing the distance between the right and the left hinge of the frame. If you have a large face, make sure to have a total width that is sufficiently large in such that the glasses do not compress the temples and compromise your comfort.
You can also use our tool to try online to verify whether the glasses are the right size. The image will always be at the right scale, so you can be assured of the dimensions you see on the screen.

Lens height

For unifocal prescription glasses, there is no minimal height to take into account. You can use our tool to try glasses online to simply find out which model suits you.

Lens width

The diagonal of the lenses is the maximum distance inside the lens. This value is mentioned on the product page of each pair of glasses.

Bridge width

You will find the bridge width on the detailed overview on each product page.

We hope these tips will be valuable in guiding you to your perfect pair of glasses. Enjoy !

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