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It is easy and fast

It is so much more practical to shop on Glasses24. Without leaving your home, you can choose your new glasses at any time of the day and get your order delivered, all while benefiting from our special offers and discounts.

Glasses24 offers you plenty of formula's and possibilities at fair prices, without surprises:

  1. From 29.90€ for a frame of your choice with unifocal lenses
  2. From 139.90€ for a frame of your choice with progressive or office lenses

We offer prescription sunglasses at the same price, which allows you to choose the colour of your lenses and the intensity of the tint.

Order, step by step

Type of frame

First of all, we invite you to discover our collection to find the pair of glasses that perfectly matches your style and taste! Prescription glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses or brands, you are certain to find your match. You can fill or empty your shopping cart as many times as you want without commitment. You can also create a wishlist or add your favourite glasses to a comparison tool.

In this regard, the client recognises and accepts that the pictures of the products on the website are given without any warranty. Despite all our efforts, due to the use of IT-tools and digital processes, the images can differ slightly from reality.

Try them on

We offer you the possibility of trying your glasses on virtually. You only have to open the description page of the pair of glasses you like and click on the button Try on under the image of the frame you selected, at the left. You can use one of the generic photos out of our list of avatars or download your own photo. If you want to download your own photo, you have to click on the camera icon at the right.

It is possible to take a picture with your webcam (Use your webcam), or to upload an existing picture (Upload from your computer). After that, you are ready to try on the different models of your choice to see if they are a good match. Do not worry, this process is 100% confidential. Your photo is safely uploaded in your personal account.

It is possible that certain smartphones and tablets do not allow you to virtually try on glasses. If this would be the case, we invite you to use a computer.

Personalise your frame

For the larger part of our selection, you have the possibility of choosing the colour of the frame as well as the colour of the lenses. If you would like glasses with clear lenses, click at once on the green button ADD TO CART without prescription. If you wish to fill out your dioptric values, click on fill out your prescription info and ADD TO CART.

Prescription and pupillary distance

When you click on Add prescription info, you will have three options:

  • I fill out my prescription info (You copy the information stated on the prescription from your ophthalmologist)
  • Do it for me! (You send us your prescription and we fill out the correct values)
  • Without prescription (You wish to order non-prescription glasses)

To fill out your prescription yourself, you click on I fill out my prescription info.

Check which type of lenses you need (Single vision, progressive or office lenses) and in the section Prescription, fill out your Sphere, Cylinder and Axis values and, if needed Addition for the right and left eye (this is the case for progressive as well as office lenses). Please be attentive to signs and values when you fill out this information.

If you would like us to fill out your prescription info for you, choose the option Do it for me! and upload your prescription. We will fill out your dioptric values after the order is registered in our system after you proceeded to the payment of your order.

In all cases, we invite you to upload your prescription so we can verify whether all information was filled out correctly.

Pupillary distance

This information is essential for the production of your glasses because it allows us to adapt your prescription values according your eyes. If you know your pupillary distance, click on I know my pupillary distance and select your pupillary distance for each eye.

If you do not know your pupillary distance, ask your ophthalmologist or click on Please, measure my pupillary distance. This allows us to measure your pupillary distance. We will need a frontal image of your face while you hold a standard sized-card card (for example a credit or membership card) against your forehead and follow the instructions given.

Lens thickness

A thinning index for standard lenses (1,50) is included in the price of your glasses. In case of higher prescription values, if you filled out your sphere values, our system will indicate which lens thickness you have to select and you will be informed about the cost of this thinning index.

Digital Relax

If you would like blue coating lenses to block the harmful rays of blue light when working on all sorts of screens, the coating Digital Relax will help you to do so. For only 30€ more, your glasses will filter the blue light diffused by LED-screens, preventing tired eyes at the end of the day. Read more.

Upload my prescription

It is not necessary to have a prescription to place orders on Glasses24 but we like to inform you that your prescription is your warranty and it allows you to double-check all information before placing an order.

Shopping cart

Once we have all your information, click on the green button you will find on the right side of the screen, right under the price, "Add to cart'. Clicking on this button does not require any commitment of your part. The page that will appear, allows you to see a detailed description of the order you are about to place: the frame, the colour of the lenses and the options you might have chosen.

If you notice a mistake or you wish to add a feature or change your order, simply click on the button "Edit". To remove a pair of glasses from your shopping cart, please click on the button "Remove".

Discount code

This is not an obligation, but if you possess a discount code from our newsletter, you can apply this discount by clicking on "Discount Codes" on the right and enter the coupon code, after which you click on "Apply Coupon". The grand total of your order will be modified immediately.

Proceed to Checkout

Once you have established that everything is correct, please click on the green button "Proceed to checkout". You will be re-directed to a page that will allow you to fill out your billing address, shipping method and payment method. You will also have the option to add a comment at the right. You will have the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter and, most importantly, to accept our Terms and Conditions. Now you only have to click on "Place Order now" to proceed to payment.

Payment methods

You have the possibility to pay by card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bancontact/Mister Cash, CB ou Maestro), by PayPal or by Bank Transfer.

If you pay by card or Paypal, you will be re-directed towards a secure page in order to complete your payment. If you choose a Bank Transfer payment you will have access to our International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Please do not forget to enter your order number in the open communication space, for us to be able to retrieve your order.

Production of your glasses

Your order is now registered in our system. If we have all the necessary information, the order will be sent to production instantaneously.

If we would notice anything questionable, an error, or a missing element, we will contact you through e-mail to optimise your order. Please check your e-mail regularly, so the production of your glasses is not delayed.

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