How to try online ?


Our tool to try online

Trying on glasses online, is easy. We developed an effective tool to enable you to pick the perfect frame.

The first step is to upload your photo (see below for specific instructions). Once your photo is uploaded, you can try on our different models and see which models suit you best. You can also zoom in on the frames and you have access to a 360° view.

Thanks to our extensive colour options and lens type, we offer more than 500 possible combinations for your glasses....

Upload your photo

1. Take a photo

Our tool to try online is easy to use and very fast. All you have to do, is take a picture with your webcam, camera or mobile.

Make a frontal photo of your face. It is important to hold your head and the camera straight. If you wish, you can smile. Produce a photo with a high resolution to optimize your experience.

To inspire you, you can access our selection of avatars.

2. Click on the blank avatar

To upload your photo immediately, click on the last symbol of our tool to try online.

Our website will retrieve your image. Indicate where the image can be found on your PC/Mac or scroll through your folders to select your photo.

Your photo is not published on our website and can only be seen in your personal account. If you do not have an account yet, registration is free and very easy. You only will have to provide an email address and a password of your choice.

3. Mark your pupillary distance

Use our tool to define the position of your pupils. This enables us to position the frame on your face. Please note that centring your frames with this tool is not the same as measuring your pupillary distance, which is an essential measure we will need for the production of your glasses.

4. Edit your information

We advice you to indicate your pupillary distance. If you do not know this value, please ask your ophthalmologist or contact our costumer service at + 32 (2) 2 304.22.88 (Belgium) or +33 (0) 1 82 88 29 11 (France) or and we will help you to measure your pupillary distance. Note that, we mention a value of 31.50, which is a standard pupillary distance value, but this is by way of indication only. It is strongly adviced to provide us with the exact value of your pupillary distance.

Ensuring the privacy and security of your personal information is very important to us. Your photo can be erased at any time, will not be published or disclosed to third parties.

Activate the display mode of your photo

Once you have defined the position of your pupils, you will be able to activate your photo by validating, after which it will appear in our tool to try online.

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