Digital Relax

Over-exposure to screens

Today, your eyes do not have the time to relax. They are constantly exposed to the harmful rays emitted by screens (computers, smartphones or TV). You can do something about it!

What is high-energy visible (HEV) light or blue light?

TV, tablets, computers and smartphones expose us to a significant proportion of blue light, which is also called high-energy visible (HEV) light. Too much of this artificial light can harm your eyes and disturb your bio-rhythm.

The symptoms of over-exposure to blue light

  • Tired eyes : Smartphones, tablets, computers - your eyes constantly need to adapt to artificial light sources. After prolonged exposure, this can lead to ocular fatigue.
  • Head ache and migraines : These are typical consequences of long days of work behind a computer and are caused by digital machines emitting HEV-light.
  • Dry eyes : Do you have dry eyes after a long day at the office? We all suffer from this, in particular after we looked closely at a screen for a substantial amount of time.
  • Trouble sleeping : A substantial proportion of blue light can affect the level of melatonin in your brain, disturbing the day/night-rhythm, which makes it harder to fall asleep at night.

How to protect your eyes?

Digital displays are a part of our daily life, and this constant exposure is very demanding on our eyes. Blue-coating can compensate for this ever-growing exposure.

Digital Relax helps you to protect your eyes against the harmful rays of blue light under all circumstances.

  • At the office : even after a long day behind the screen, your eyes will be spared.
  • At home : You wish to watch TV or surf the internet all night long? With blue-coating, your eyes are protected.
  • During your free time : You often play videogames, or read e-books? No problem! Thanks to Digital Relax, your eyes will not get tired.

The well-being of your eyes

Almost a third of all adults spend more than 9 hours per day in front a digital display.

With the Digital Relax coating, Glasses24 offers a perfect solution to compensate for this annoyance of daily, modern life :

  • The symptoms associated with the over-exposure to digital screens like blurry vision, head aches, dry eyes, or troubles falling asleep are history.
  • Your eyes can relax, even while using smartphones, tablets, computers or watching TV intensively.
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