Before Ordering

  • How can I buy glasses from you?

    You can only order on the internet, so everything must go through our website. If you so wish, we are at your disposal to help you through your first order.

  • How do I choose the size of my frame?

    On every arm of every frame, there is an inscription which tells you the dimensions of the frame, in 3 numbers. The first number is the lens’ width, the second is the bridge’s, and the third number is the length of the arms.

    You can also measure the size of an actual pair of glasses that you currently own and that fits you (either prescription glasses or sunglasses). You only need to measure from one arm to the other.

    You can then compare that number to those that are on every frame’s page.

    We generally recommend to choose about the same size, with maximum 5 mm difference.

  • Do I need a prescription to order glasses?

    The prescription allows you to fill your corrections in. For your health and comfort, it is important that those are filled with no mistakes.

    Nevertheless, you can order glasses without prescription, but we have to inform you that they will not be guaranteed, as we were not able to double check the corrections with a prescription.

  • Can I use my contact lenses prescription to order glasses?

    Corrections for glasses and contact lenses are different. In order to not damage your sight, we strongly advise you to not use a contact lenses prescription to order glasses.

  • Can I use my prescription even if it’s no longer valid?

    If your sight has stabilized, you can definitely use a prescription that is 3 years old or more. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to have your sight checked on a regular basis because your eyes grow old too and your life conditions might have changed.

  • Can I order glasses without any correction?

    Yes, that is possible at Glasses24. You only need to select the option “No correct” on the page of the frame, once you clicked on “Order” or “Add to Cart”.

Product Information

  • Are your frames flexible?

    Some of our frames are equipped with a flex system (small spring at the hinge) that gives flexibility to your frame and ensures great comfort. In addition, many of them are made of acetate, a material that becomes malleable when heated (with a hair dryer, for example). This allows you to adapt the model to the shape of your head.

  • I have a strong correction, what supplement will I have to pay?

    Depending on your corrections, the Production Center may require a thinning index because for high diopters (above/below +4/-4) it is mandatory to thin the glass. Without this, the glasses would be very heavy, and the aesthetic side must also be taken into account. Thinning indexes are paying options.

  • How to obtain thinned glasses?

    All you have to do is choose a thinning index when you place your order. The 1.50 index is included in the price, but you can choose upper indexes for thinner lenses in case of strong corrections.

  • What does a prism mean?

    The prism is a necessary correction when there is a muscular imbalance between both eyes. If in your prescription there is any indication about the "prism", you will not be able to buy your glasses from Glasse24, since it is a special case that requires a particular adaptation for the eyes, which we cannot offer at the moment.

  • Do your lenses darken in the sun - photochromic lenses?

    Yes, it is possible. We offer you glasses that go lighter or darker with the sunlight and provide you with total comfort in all circumstances. You can order brown or grey photochromic lenses for all our own brand frames and some name brand frames (Ray-Ban, Persol, etc.) Feel free to read all our information on photochromic lenses.

  • Photochromic lenses do not react in the car, is that normal?

    We offer 3 types of photochromic lenses. Sunmotion and Transitions Premium do not darken inside a car, because the windshields filter most UV rays. Only the Transitions Xtractive option allows you to have darker lenses in the car (up to 90% tint intensity).

  • Do you make progressive lenses?

    Yes, we offer progressive glasses starting from 139.90€ (excluding promotional offers) with new generation lenses, called FREE FORM. Progressive glasses not only correct myopia or hyperopia, but also provide good near vision. This type of lens allows you to see at all distances with a single pair of glasses, so don't neglect your eyesight anymore. All the information about our progressive lenses.

  • Would it be possible to get a quote for progressive lenses?

    All of our progressive glasses start at 139.90€ (excluding promotional offers). At this price, we offer you the latest generation of lenses and the best treatments. All frames marked "Progressive Compatible" are available with this type of lens.

    To benefit from it, click on "Order" on the page of the product of your choice, and, in the "Type of your lenses" section, select "Progressive". For more information, we invite you to consult our progressive glasses section.

  • Is there a warranty on your progressive glasses?

    Yes, you benefit from a warranty on our progressive glasses. We offer you the possibility to adapt to it for 30 days. If you cannot adapt, know that we apply the satisfaction guarantee. Unlike a traditional optician, you are entitled to a refund when ordering from us!

  • Do you make proximity glasses?

    Yes, we sell degressive glasses, also called proximity glasses or office glasses that allow you to correct intermediate vision (80-100cm) as well as near vision on the same lens. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our section Office Glasses

  • Do you make reading glasses?

    Yes it is possible, if you know your magnifying glass power, you can enter it in the "sphere" box when filling in the corrections in the order form, otherwise you can contact our technical support at the address support@glasses24.com.

  • Do you make computer glasses (anti blue coating)?

    Absolutely, we offer the possibility to add the option Digital Relax Coating (Anti-Blue Light). The Digital Relax coating helps protect you from the harmful waves of blue light in any situation (computer, television, console...).

  • Why can't I order progressive glasses with the anti-blue light coating?

    It is not possible to order progressive glasses with the Digital Relax coating (anti-blue light) because this treatment is mainly intended for use in front of the computer. In addition, anti-blue light glasses have a very slight brown tint (10%) which gives a yellowish effect when you look through them. This is not a problem for computer work, but it can be when outdoors. If you wish to order the Digital Relax coating, we invite you to choose office glasses or unifocal / single vision glasses.

  • Do your glasses come with a hard case?

    Yes, you will receive your glasses in a rigid case and accompanied by a wipe. It is important to protect your glasses especially during delivery.

  • Is it possible to have another length of temples?

    We have standard sizes. Unfortunately, the front width and length of the temples are not a customizable data.

  • I want to order name brand glasses with corrective lenses but I can't, why?

    We do not have the possibility to add corrections on all our name brand frames, it depends on the agreement we have with the supplier. If, on the frame page, you do not have the option to enter corrections, it means that we do not have the authorization to modify the lenses of the selected model.

  • Are your name brand glasses authentic?

    Absolutely. They come from official European suppliers (Luxoticca, Marcolin, Safilo, etc)

  • I want to buy brand prescription glasses, will the prescription lenses carry the brand logo?

    No. The original brand lenses made to be manufactured as correction lenses. Your prescription must be manufactured with lenses that are made especially for this purpose. However, with your order you will receive 2 pairs of lenses: Manufactured lenses mounted in the glasses and the original ones, which will be presented in a separate envelope.

  • I ordered a lens box but I made a mistake in the correction, can I send it back to you?

    If the box has not been opened, you can contact us at customer support for return procedures.

  • I am allergic to nickel, which frame(s) would you recommend?

    Most of our frames contain a small amount of nickel, but they comply with European Regulation 94/27/EWG of 1994.

    These regulations stipulate that during the first two years of use, any part of the object that touches the skin must not dissipate more than a certain amount of nickel (maximum 0.05 grams per square centimetre per week).

    If, however, you have an acute nickel allergy, we recommend that you switch to our titanium frames, which are entirely nickel-free.

  • Can you send me trial contact lenses?

    Sorry, we do not provide trial contact lenses. Please visit your local optician when trying out contact lenses for the first time.

  • I can't find children's glasses, is that normal?

    We do not sell child frames but we do have brand glasses for children. To find the brand children's models you can simply go to the brand catalog and select the "small" filter that you will find at the top to sort the frames by size and check the dimensions on the frame page to see if it will fit your child.

How to order



After Sales

Services and Warranty

  • How do I adjust my glasses?

    You can check our video explaining this here. However, if substantial adjustment is necessary, we invite you to visit your local optician.

  • Are your glasses guaranteed?

    You benefit from a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You will find the required conditions in our Terms of sales

  • If I don't adapt to progressive lenses, what should I do?

    First, we invite you to read the advice we give in the Progressive Glasses section but you can contact us at support@glasses24.com to let us know about the problem. We will ask you to try on your glasses for about ten days. If the problem persists, contact us again after this period so that we can apply our satisfaction guarantee.

  • How do I clean my glasses to avoid scratches?

    All our lenses are anti-reflective and scratch-resistant, but we recommend that you clean them daily with warm water (never hot water!) and wipe them with the microfibre wipe that has been delivered to you. Once a week, you can use a neutral soap to clean them. In any case, avoid dry cleaning or using your clothes to dry them as this can generate micro-scratches.

  • Can I keep my own frame (and only order lenses)?

    We cannot adapt new lenses to your old frame. Our unique and particularly competitive price gives you the right to the frame and lenses. It would be a shame to order only the lenses and not have a new frame.

  • Are the return costs at my expense?

    Products may only be returned with the prior written consent of Glasses24.

    As part of an intervention by the After-Sales Service for items under warranty, the cost of returning the item(s) is covered by the after-sales service, in the form of a post label.

    If the returned item is not covered by the 2-year European Warranty or our own warranty, the return costs are the responsibility of the customer.

I can't find the answer to my question! What do I do?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at support@glasses24.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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