Mirror lenses

Mirror glasses attract attention, while your own eyes remain a delightful mystery. With a pair of mirrored glasses, you protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, while making a fashion statement. Go for this look!

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Mirror sunglasses - Absolute trend!

For the trendiest, these fashion accessories are an absolute must. And the green or silver mirror effect aviator glasses - a must.

Why? They are sporty and give every outfit an even cooler touch. With mirrored glasses, you make a great impression, whether you're on vacation at the beach, at a cocktail party on the terrace or at a festival weekend.

What mirror colors are available?

Mirror glasses are available in three different colors:

  • Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Green,
  • Red,
  • Blue.

All our mirror sunglasses are tinted at 85%, they are anti-UV, anti-scratch and anti-dust (lotus effect).

Benefits of mirror glasses

What makes mirror glasses so special? 
No one can see the wearer's eyes thanks to a colored coating on the outside of the lens. This is sprayed on to give it this effect, so it is not a glued film. It is this detail which makes all the prestige of the mirror sunglasses.

Your interlocutor can see himself in the lenses of your glasses - an effect that gives the wearer of these glasses a very cool look.
Glasses24 offers a wide range of models for men and women. They can be ordered with or without correction, single vision or progressive.

Choose the right model

If you want a classic look, choose aviator style glasses like Glendale, Miramar or Palmdale
But, many other models can also be ordered with mirror effect lenses. It is important that the lens tint matches the color of the model. For metallic frames, choose gold or silver mirror lenses. For black or gray frames, choose silver mirror lenses. If you want green mirrored sunglasses, you have a wide variety of models to choose from.

It's up to you to choose and design your new sunglasses according to your style and desires.

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