Degressive glasses

The degressive glasses, sometimes called "proximity glasses" are specially designed for computer work when you are presbyopic.

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Degressive glasses - The must for computer work

Computer work glasses are especially recommended for anyone who works on a screen every day. These close-up comfort glasses allow you to see perfectly, even at close range. The field of vision is wider than with normal lenses.

Why do you need degressive glasses?

Degressive glasses are especially recommended if you work at a computer screen or look at objects up close on a daily basis. Unlike reading glasses or progressive glasses, degressive glasses cover a wide field of near vision, allowing you to read as well as see the computer screen and your desk clearly. However, they are not only recommended for working in front of a screen. This range of glasses are also useful for manual work or crafts, such as hairdressing.

Advantages of degressive glasses

Unlike progressive glasses, degressive glasses offer a wide field of vision in the middle of the lens, called the extended near field of vision.

The field of vision in the middle area of the lens provides an ideal view of the monitor and desk. The near field of vision is located in the lower third of the lens. This area provides a good view of the keyboard or documents. In addition, degressive glasses require less head and body movement to see everything clearly in the extended field of view. This puts less strain on the neck and shoulder muscles.

What is the difference between degressive and progressive glasses?

In contrast to degressive glasses, progressive glasses are optimized for both near and far vision. This means that the intermediate zone is much smaller in progressive lenses in order to achieve a smoother transition between near and distance vision. With degressive glasses, the intermediate field of vision is optimized for medium distances up to two meters. This provides an ideal view of the screen, keyboard and surrounding workplace.

For additional eye protection, we recommend a Digital relax blue light filter coating for your degressive glasses. This special coating filters out harmful HEV light emitted by screens and monitors.

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