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Progressive sunglasses

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Progressive Sunglasses

For those who don't want to miss out on the benefits of progressive glasses in any situation, a pair of progressive sunglasses is the obvious choice. Progressive sunglasses eliminate the need to switch from distance glasses to reading glasses, and at the same time offer reliable protection from the sun and UV rays. 

Does progressive sunglasses with a sun tint make sense?

Buying progressive sunglasses makes sense if you also use progressive lenses in your daily life. Progressive sunglasses allow you to see clearly at different distances without having to change your glasses, while protecting you from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses tints from Glasses24 offer quality UV protection.

How much do progressive sunglasses cost?

At Glasses24, you can order progressive sunglasses online from €149.90. The price includes the frame of your choice, the progressive lenses and the tint of your choice. The glasses always have an anti-reflective coating, extra hardening and 100% UV protection.

When choosing your frame, make sure that the lenses are not too narrow. To ensure that there is enough room for all visual zones of the progressive lens, a minimum height of 25 mm is required. The same applies to sunglasses: the larger the lens, the better your eyes are protected from the sun. Sunglasses should completely cover your eyes. 

Which tint is right?

The tint you choose depends on how you want to use your glasses.

For example, if you wear your sunglasses primarily for driving, you should choose a polarized tint. This will minimize annoying glare such as from wet roads but also from snowy or watery surfaces.

If you want to bring fashion to the forefront, you can opt for a gradient tint or a mirror effect. With these special tints, you can make your sunglasses a stylish eye-catcher without giving up glare protection.

One of the absolute classics is the simple sunglasses tint. With these tints, you can choose from six different colors.

  • With gray, brown and pilot green, you can choose tint intensities between 10% and 85%.
  • With blue, red and yellow, you can choose a tint intensity between 10% and 50%.

Discover the benefits of our different tints and how they look when worn: Sunglasses tints at a glance.

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