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Digital Relax helps protect your eyes from harmful blue light in all circumstances.

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Digital Relax - Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Our glasses with blue light filter coating offer you ideal protection against harmful light and protect your eyes when using digital devices such as computer screens or smartphones on a daily basis. This way, it is possible to prevent rapid eye fatigue and minimize concentration problems at the same time.

Digital Relax lenses filter out the harmful light emitted by unnatural light sources by means of a special coating. Thus, our glasses with blue light filters ensure relaxation of your eyes and prevent rapid fatigue caused by stray light. In addition, glasses with blue filters reliably absorb UVA and UVB rays.

These properties make blue light filter glasses particularly interesting for video gamers, as they use digital devices particularly intensively. Lenses with our blue light filtering coating have a slight blue residual reflection on the lenses and a very low brown base tint. This slight base tint improves the perception of contrast when viewing screens.

What is HEV light?

It is the high energy visible light which is located just beside the UV rays in the light spectrum and which can damage the retina of the eye. When emitted, HEV light from monitors and screens, reaches our retinas largely unfiltered.

Symptoms of HEV light can include:

  • migraines,
  • headaches,
  • blurred vision.

Dry eyes after a long day at the office are not uncommon either. These symptoms can also often be the cause of sleep problems.

Glasses with anti-blue coating can filter out HEV rays and provide lasting eye protection.

Are there blue light filtering glasses with correction?

You can purchase blue light filtered glasses with your corrections. For example, you can combine our single vision and progressive lenses with a blue light filtering coating.

If you work a lot on the computer, blue light filtered glasses can be useful. You can also buy your new Digital Relax glasses without correction at Glasses24, for example if you do not wear glasses or contact lenses.

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