Want sunglasses that aren't completely tinted? Then our gradient lens sunglasses are for you. This type of tint allows you to draw attention to your outfit.

Gradient lenses

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Gradient sunglasses - A top summer accessory!

They are the perfect way to brighten up your outfit and are the perfect companion for all your summer activities. The gradient lenses are darker on the upper part and lighter on the lower part. 
The effect is particularly aesthetic: these sunglasses look more casual and elegant than with a traditional tint.

Choosing the right frame for gradient lenses

Choose large frames to make the most of gradient lenses.

At Glasses24, all frames with a lens height of 30mm can benefit from gradient lenses. The taller the lenses, the more the color gradient is highlighted. When choosing the gradient tint, make sure it matches the color of your frame. A gray shade works well with black and gray frames, while the brown shade works well with beige and brown colors. Combined with gold frames, pilot green gradient lenses become a true fashion weapon. 

What gradient tints are available?

At Glasses24, gradient lens sunglasses are available in brown, gray and aviator green. 
Depending on the size of the lenses, the gradient tint can vary from 0% opacity on the bottom edge of the lenses to 85% on the top.

All our gradient lenses can be adapted to your vision. They are equipped with UV protection, advanced anti-reflective coating on the back side, anti-scratch and anti-dust coating. This applies to both single vision and progressive lenses.

Practical sun protection

Gradient lens sunglasses are practical in any situation where sun protection and light transmission are both important, such as when you are reading.

Gradient lens designs are also great for driving, when the eye switches from the road to the car's controls. The darker upper portion of the lens better protects the eyes from the sun, while the lower portion provides a clear view of the vehicle's instrument panel.

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