Terms of sales

Updated on : 06/01/2021

To place an order with us, you need to be 18 or older.

When You buy online, You accept without reserve the entirety of the ToS herein.

1. Legal Notice

Glasses24 is a service of
Fraunhoferstr. 17
24118 Kiel - Germany

Trade register number: HRB 13770 Kiel
VAT Number: 20/293/09035
VAT ID: DE282542723
Managing Director: Bernd Behrens

2. Definitions

In these ToS, the following terms beginning with a capital letter mean:

  • Customer : natural or legal person placing an order on the "Site", in accordance with these ToS. The Customer guarantees to be of age (for natural persons) and able-bodied.
  • Access code : identifier and password that the Customer registers when creating his account. The Access Code allows the Customer to access his account.
  • Wearer : natural person for whom the Product(s) are ordered. In principle, the Wearer and the Customer are the same person. Where the Wearer is not the Customer, the Customer shall be deemed to place the order for the Wearer from his Customer account and shall assume all related responsibilities in accordance with these ToS.
  • Products : products offered and distributed by Brille24 via its Site, namely pairs of glasses with or without corrective lenses, Brille24 brand or others as well as contact lenses, lenses products and ski goggles.
  • Customer Service or Customer Support : service provided to Customers and Users of the Site to respond to their requests. The contact details and times at which Customer Service can be contacted are indicated on the Site.
  • Site : within the framework of these ToS, the Site is developed by Brille24 and accessible at www.glasses24.com. It is aimed at the English-speaking Worldwide market.

3. Purpose

The purpose of these general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as the "ToS") is to define the conditions under which You, a natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as "You" or "the Customer"), purchase the Products.

4. Application of the ToS

Only these ToS are applicable to orders placed on the Site. The Terms of Use applicable to the Customer are those in force on the day of his order.

As the Customer is Brille24's contracting partner, the ToS apply identically to all Wearers, and the Customer assumes all obligations and responsibilities defined therein, whether the order is for him or a separate Wearer.

The Customer declares that he has read the applicable Terms of Sales before placing an order and has accepted them without reservation. It is up to him to download the version in force on the date of his order from the link indicated on the Site.

These ToS may be amended at any time by Brille24, without incurring any liability in this respect.

The invalidity of a contractual clause does not result in the invalidity of the ToS.

5. Essential Information

5.1 Information relating to the Products and the Wearer's correction needs

It is up to You to choose the Product most suitable for the Wearer, in particular between glasses and contact lenses.

We ask You to provide us with the correction data so that our Products can be manufactured (corrective lenses) or supplied (contact lenses) in accordance with the needs of the Wearer. You can enter this information in your order and/or attach the correction data as a supplement to Your order. When You provide this data, it is recorded in Brille24's computer system and recorded in your order. This data is processed in accordance with our Personal Data Policy, which you are invited to consult here.

You must ensure that the correction data You provide to Brille24 corresponds to the needs of the Wearer. That is why You agree that he/she will regularly undergo a vision examination by an ophthalmologist or optician.

In the event of error, obsolescence or inadequacy of the corrective measures communicated by the Customer when placing his order, including in the event of communication of an order, Brille24 is excluded from any liability, regardless of the damage suffered.

For contact lenses, the Customer is solely responsible for reading and understanding all documentation of this type of product. In particular, it acknowledges that Brille24 does not provide any information regarding the fitting of contact lenses, other than that which may have been provided by the manufacturers of the products purchased.

5.2 Information on the measurements of pupillary distances.

Measurements of the pupillary distances are necessary to ensure that the corrective lenses of the glasses are adapted to each Wearer.

You are encouraged to communicate the measurements of the Wearer's pupillary distances in each order. If You do not know them, Brille24 offers You the possibility to calculate them using a process developed internally and accessible on its Site. This feature is optional and, despite Brille24's best efforts, the calculated measurements remain indicative. It is therefore recommended to use the services of an ophthalmologist or optician to carry out these measurements. Brille24 disclaims any responsibility for the calculations of these measurements and the results provided.

The data of the pupillary distances are recorded and processed in order to produce corrective lenses corresponding to the physical measurements entered. For more information on this point, please consult our Personal Data Policy.

6. Terms and conditions of the order

6.1. Ordering via Your account

Once the Customer has opened an account on the Site, it is up to him to create a password. You agree to protect the confidentiality of the chosen password and not to pass it on to third parties. It is advisable to change your password regularly.

You are informed that all operations (orders or other) carried out from Your account using Your Access Codes will be charged to You and are contractual.

When the Customer has opened an account, he/she undertakes to ensure that the data communicated and recorded is up to date and accurate. It is up to him to modify them in the event of any changes (for example: delivery address,...).

6.2. Ordering without an account

The Customer can order one or more Products, without having opened an account, using Paypal.

You then have the status of "Guest" and the status of the order can only be known by contacting customer support. In addition, by ordering without an account, you will not have an order history and no invoice will be sent to you automatically.

The Customer must also ensure that the data recorded in his Paypal account is up-to-date (in particular as regards the registered delivery address).

6.3. Validation of the order by the Customer

Before validating your order, an order summary is shown to you. You can change it.

It is Your responsibility to read the Terms of Sales in force on the date of the order and to accept them (consent formalized by clicking on the appropriate box). To validate his order, the Customer must click on the "Buy Now!" box. In doing so, he expresses his consent to the entire order.

6.4. Confirmation of the order by Brille24

Brille24's recording of the Customer's order is confirmed by email to the email address provided by the Customer. This registration does not constitute confirmation of payment. The payment confirmation is formalized differently depending on the payment method.

Brille24 reserves the right to refuse any order, particularly in the event that :

  • the quantities ordered are abnormally high compared to the quantities usually ordered by Customers as consumers,
  • a dispute between Brille24 and the Customer,
  • an abnormally high quantity of orders has been returned and/or canceled by the affected Customer within two years. In such cases, the Customer acknowledges that Brille24 has a certain latitude to assess the abusive nature of returns and/or cancellations and to draw any legal conclusions from them.

In the event that the manufacture of the Product requires additional information from you (such as measurements of pupillary distance), Your order will be confirmed BUT the manufacture of the product will be put on hold until Brille24 receives this information. Brille24 will send you one to two reminder emails in order to process your order within a reasonable time. If the requested information and/or documents are not received within 6 months after confirmation of the order, Brille24 may cancel your order in whole or partially as the case may be (for example if the other ordered Products have been shipped) and refund You the amount of the undelivered Product(s) according to the refund terms defined in the ToS.

6.5. Order Modification

Once the Customer has validated his order in accordance with the above terms and conditions, he may no longer modify it. If necessary, the Customer is encouraged to contact Customer Service.

6.6. Product unavailability

Some Products may be permanently or temporarily unavailable.

Despite our best efforts, it is not always possible to inform You of this unavailability before You place an order.

If the order has been validated and the Product is unavailable, the Customer will be informed by e-mail as soon as possible.

  • For Brille24 or Glasses24 brand Products, the Customer will be offered either an equivalent Product or, if requested by email, a refund of the Product ordered.
  • For Products of brands other than Brille24, the order will be canceled and the Customer will be refunded the amount of the unavailable Product. If the unavailability of the Product is temporary and at the express request of the Customer sent by email to customer support, the order may not be canceled and will be maintained as long as necessary.

7. Delivery

7.1. Delivery times

For Brille24 Brand Products as indicated on the Site, the usual delivery times for Continental Europe are ± 12 days and 3 to 4 weeks outside of Continental Europe.

For Brand Products other than Brille24 and contact lenses, delivery generally takes 4 to 5 days in continental Europe and approximately 2 weeks outside of continental Europe.

Brille24 makes every effort to ensure that deliveries are made by recognized service providers in the market. However, the deadlines indicated above as well as in the "Shipping and Delivery" section on the Site are for information only.

Indeed, as the delivery terms are not under Brille24's control and may depend in particular on external factors, it is not possible for Brille24 to guarantee the indicated delivery times.

In the event of late delivery, the Customer is encouraged to contact Brille24 Customer Service by e-mail or telephone. If possible, Brille24 will offer a solution if you have not received your order within 30 days for continental Europe after the shipment of the package and within 60 days outside continental Europe after the shipment of the package.

7.2. Partial Delivery

Brille24 reserves the right to make partial deliveries when an order for the delivery of several Products has been concluded and it is also possible and reasonable for the Customer, depending on the circumstances of the conclusion of the order, to be able to use said Products independently of each other.

7.3. Tracking the delivery of the ordered Product(s)

It is the Customer's responsibility to track the delivery of his package via the tracking number provided, when there is one. It is the responsibility of the Customer to go to the post office indicated in the follow-up, even if the delivery person does not leave a notice of passage.

7.4. Reservations and damage

In the event of damage related to transport (for example: damaged package, already opened...), the Customer must refuse the package or request a certificate of damage from the carrier. You must inform the Customer Service without delay so that the carrier can be held liable. Otherwise, the alleged damage cannot be accredited and will not produce the expected legal effects.

7.5. Delivery address different from billing address

When the Customer enters a delivery address different from that of the invoice, he acknowledges:

  • that he is responsible for ensuring that the recipient whose personal data are used is informed of this disclosure and agrees that Brille24 may use this data for delivery purposes. It will be up to the Customer to provide proof of this agreement by any means at first request,
  • and that he is informed that the package may contain a document mentioning the details of the Customer and the delivery address as well as specifics of the Product ordered (including corrective measures).

The Customer thus authorizes Brille24 to process said data and to communicate said information to the recipient of the package whose address is indicated for delivery.

8. Right of cancellation

In accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation, the right of cancellation for Products that are personalized and manufactured according to the needs of the Customer and/or the Wearer does not apply. Consequently, You acknowledge that You are duly informed that, in particular with regard to glasses with correction, the right of cancellation is excluded.

In other cases, i. e. for glasses without any corrective lenses and for contact lenses, the right of cancellation shall apply under the following conditions.

8.1. Time limit for exercising the right

You have a period of 14 calendar days from the delivery of the Product subject to the right of cancellation to exercise this right. Brille24 also accepts that You may exercise your right of cancellation at the confirmation of your order and before the delivery of the Product.

8.2. Form of the request

The request for the right of cancellation must be sent by email to the address support@glasses24.com. It must mention the order number.

With regard to the right of cancellation and only the right of cancellation, You do not have to provide the reasons for your request.

8.3. Return of the Product(s)

Once the Product has been shipped, the return of the Product(s) must meet the following conditions.

The Product subject to the right of cancellation must be returned to the address indicated in the legal notice in its original, intact and complete packaging. It is specified that for contact lenses, the packaging must not have been opened. Brille24 reserves the right to refuse any Product, in particular any incomplete, damaged, or soiled Product, subject to the case of damage attributable to the wearer in accordance with the provisions of these ToS relating to delivery.

The Product not accepted will be returned to the Customer and cannot be refunded.

After receipt of the Product by Brille24 in accordance with these conditions and provided that the conditions applicable to the cancellation period are met, Brille24 will refund the amount of the Product(s) in accordance with the "Refund" provisions set out in these ToS (article 13.2).

9. Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" guarantee

Brille24 offers a commercial guarantee called "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" guarantee for the benefit of the Customer under the following conditions.

9.1 Period for the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" Guarantee

The Customer has a period of 30 days from the receipt of his order to activate the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" Guarantee.

9.2 Form of the request

The Customer's request for the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" Guarantee must be sent by e-mail to support@glasses24.com with the order number in question. Only requests sent by e-mail to the address indicated will be taken into account.

It is the Customer's responsibility to specify in his request the elements indicated in points 9.3 to 9.6.

9.3 Reasons for the request and exclusion of "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" guarantee

The Customer must indicate the reasons for the return of the Product, in particular in order to enable Brille24 to improve its services.

The Customer is duly informed that non-reimbursement by compulsory or supplementary insurance organizations does not constitute a reason to justify the exercise of the "Satisfied, exchanged or reimbursed" Guarantee and that such a reason is excluded from any conventional guarantees.

The Customer is clearly informed and accepts that in the event of an error on his part, in particular with regard to his correction data, the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" guarantee clause will not apply.

In this respect, Brille24 reserves the right to ask the Customer for any document enabling it to assess the validity of the correction data provided. Brille24 will have full discretion to determine whether the document produced makes it possible to verify the accuracy and timeliness of the disputed measures and will draw any conclusions from them.

The "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" warranty clause will also be excluded for Products manufactured in accordance with the order sent by the Customer but for which the correction data would not or no longer be adapted to the case of the Wearer. In this respect, it is recommended that the Customer and/or the Subscriber regularly consult an ophthalmologist and have a recent prescription.

9.4 Terms of refund or exchange depending on the Product

The rights granted by the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" Guarantee differ according to the nature of the Product concerned. These rights apply as follows :

Products subject to refund or exchange

Provided that the return conditions are met, the Customer may request either a refund or an exchange of the Product, if it is :

  • unifocal glasses, sunglasses or not, of the brand Brille24 or Glasses24
  • or glasses without correction, sunglasses or not, of the brand Brille24 or Glasses24

It is the Customer's responsibility to specify in his request whether he wishes to be refunded or whether he prefers to proceed with an exchange.

In the case of a refund, the Customer is encouraged to read article 13.2 of the General Terms and Conditions.

In the case of an exchange, the Customer is duly informed that it is only possible between equivalent Products at an identical price excluding promotion. If the price of the Product chosen in exchange is lower than that of the Product initially ordered, the Customer is duly informed that Brille24 will not refund the difference. If necessary, if he so wishes, the Customer may waive the exchange and request a refund of the Product concerned. He undertakes to inform Brille24 of his decision as soon as possible.

Products subject exclusively to refund

Provided that the return conditions are met, the Customer may only request the refund of the following Products under the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" Guarantee:

  • progressive glasses from all brands, including Brille24 or Glasses24
  • office lens glasses from all brands, including Brille24 or Glasses24
  • all branded glasses other than Brille24 or Glasses24
  • contact lenses and related products

9.5 Return of the Product(s)

The Customer is clearly informed that no refund or exchange will be made until the Product has been received by Brille24.

Under the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" Guarantee, the package with the returned Product(s) must contain:

  • the order number (in order to process the request as efficiently as possible),
  • and the Product(s) in the condition in which the Customer received them; i.e. with all the elements included, namely the original packaging, any accessories, documentation.

Any Product that presents a condition indicating a use beyond the simple test by the Customer will not give rise to any exchange or refund.

Moreover, the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" Guarantee automatically ceases if the Customer makes modifications or repairs to the Products himself or has them carried out by a third party without Brille24's prior written consent.

As far as contact lenses are concerned, the Customer must return them in perfect condition for resale, i.e. in particular the packaging must not have been opened or damaged.

In the event of failure to comply with the above-mentioned obligations, the Customer acknowledges that Brille24 reserves the right not to proceed with the refund or exchange, and this, without Brille24 being held liable.

9.6 Return costs

When the conditions for applying the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" Guarantee are met, two return procedures are provided depending on the country of delivery.

If the country of delivery is covered by our delivery service provider's label system (list of countries excluding Croatia), the Customer must return the Product(s) by means of a pre-paid label sent by Brille24 to the Customer's e-mail address. Notwithstanding the deadlines of the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" Guarantee, You are duly informed that the label has a validity of 30 days, it is your responsibility to proceed with the return within the time limit set as from the receipt of the label.

If the return label process is not applicable, the Customer must return the Product(s) at his own expense to the address indicated in the legal notices. For Croatia, the return costs will be reimbursed by Brille24 provided that the proof of payment of the said costs is sent by email to the competent customer support. For other countries, any refund of return shipping costs is excluded.

10. Legal guarantee

The legal guarantee is distinct from the "Satisfied, exchanged or refunded" guarantee as defined in article 9 of these ToS.

The Customer is duly informed that non-refunding by compulsory or supplementary insurance organizations is excluded from any legal guarantees.

10.1 Defects covered by the legal guarantee

In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, the legal guarantee will apply if the Product does not comply with the contract, i.e. if the delivered Product clearly does not correspond to the one ordered.

Compliance is assessed against the model and color criteria recorded in the Customer's validated order.

In all cases, the Customer must provide proof of the alleged non-conformity or defect.

10.2 Time limit for the legal guarantee

Provided that the required conditions are met for the legal guarantee to apply, the Customer has a period of two years from the delivery of the product to act.

10.3 Form and content of the request

Within the above-mentioned period, the Customer must send his request to Customer Service by e-mail to support@glasses24.com and indicate the order number concerned.

The Customer is clearly informed that no replacement of the Product in question will be carried out until Brille24 has received it with all the elements described below.

10.4 Repair or replacement procedures

Provided that the required conditions are met for the legal guarantee to apply, Brille24 will offer to repair or replace the Product for the Customer . Depending on the time and cost involved, only Brille24 will be entitled to choose one option over the other: repair or replacement of the Product. Brille24 will do its best to ensure that the solution chosen is implemented as soon as possible, after receipt of the package in accordance with the provisions of this article 10.

10.5 Return of the Product

The Customer must send the package to the address indicated in the legal notices with:

  • the order number (in order to process the request as efficiently as possible),
  • the Product(s) in the same condition as they were in when the Customer contacted Customer Service.

The Customer must send the Product, well protected, as soon as possible after its request.

In the absence of these elements, the Customer acknowledges that Brille24 reserves the right not to replace or repair the Product, and this, without Brille24 being held liable.

11. Personal data and cookies

The Customer must check the accuracy, accuracy and timeliness of the information and data provided to Brille24.

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data and recommended good practices in this area, Brille24 has drafted a "Personal Data and Cookie Policy" which specifically addresses these aspects.

You are encouraged to consult it by clicking on the following link: Personal data and cookies policy.

12. Liability - limits and exclusion

In the event that is it not possible to access the Site, due to technical problems or any other reason, the Customer may not claim any damage and may not claim any compensation.

You are solely responsible for the choice made for the Product and the corrective measures ordered (glasses/lenses, corrective measures, pupillary distance measurements) and for the consequences that may occur accordingly , whatever the damage suffered, directly or indirectly related to this choice and this, in the short/medium/long term.

Brille24 assumes no responsibility and the Customer is solely responsible for any error, obsolescence and/or inadequacy of the corrective measures and/or pupillary distance measurements recorded by the Customer directly on the Site or transmitted via the prescription(s) communicated as a supplement to the order(s). The Customer is also solely responsible for his self-prescription and the eye measurements he communicates. It is expressly stated that the procedure for calculating the pupillary distances available on the Site provides indicative data and does not exempt the Wearer from consulting an ophthalmologist or an optician. As a result, the Customer remains solely responsible for the half pupil distance data recorded.

Brille24 accepts no responsibility for any misuse or misuse of contact lenses by the Wearer. Similarly, Brille24, which is only a distributor, does not assume any responsibility for the quality of the contact lenses ordered. For contact lenses, it is recommended not to exceed the duration of use indicated in the manual. It is stated that in case of eye irritation, contact lenses should be removed immediately and an ophthalmologist consulted.

The unavailability, even if prolonged and without any time limit, of one or more Products may not constitute damage to users and Customers and may in no way give rise to the award of compensation on the part of Brille24.

Brille24 makes its best efforts to ensure that the photos of the frames presented are the exact representation of the Products. The Customer is nevertheless informed that, depending on the computer tools or digital processes used to view said photos, it is possible that shades of hue or slight differences in shape may appear. The Customer acknowledges that the technical descriptive information of the Products published on the Site is that provided by the suppliers from whom Brille24 obtains its supplies.

Whatever the cause, Brille24's liability to the Customer is limited to the amount of the price paid by the Customer for the Product directly or indirectly causing the damage or related to the damage suffered by the Customer.

Except in the case of fraud or willful misconduct, Brille24's liability for indirect damages, moral prejudice, loss of profits, damage to the environment, as well as any damage resulting from liability towards third parties is explicitly excluded.

Unless otherwise agreed, any claim for damages must be notified to us in writing within seven days or earlier from the time the Customer has been able to ascertain the damage, failing which any claim for damages shall be barred.

With regard to VAT and customs fees, the Customer is solely responsible for the payment of any taxes or customs fees imposed by foreign legislation to which it may be subject. Under no circumstances shall Brille24 be held liable on this ground.

Brille24 cannot be held liable in the event of non-performance or improper performance of the contract due to:

  • with the knowledge of the Customer or the Wearer,
  • or the insurmountable and unforeseeable fact of a third party to the contract,
  • or to a case of force majeure as defined by the applicable law and in particular recognized as such by the case law of the competent courts and tribunals.

13. Price and invoicing of the Product(s)

13.1. Price

With some exceptions, prices are in euros, all taxes included (including VAT) and services included.

The prices are indicated in the shopping cart, in the order summary before its validation and in the validated and recorded order.

The VAT rate applied is mentioned in the order summary before the order is validated.

Where the legislation of the country of delivery so provides, additional taxes or fees may be charged by the competent authorities. Brille24 does not provide any guarantee in this respect and it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure compliance with the legislation to which it is subject. He is solely responsible for this.

Brille24 reserves the right to change prices at any time on its Site. These modifications will not affect orders already validated.

Delivery charges, where applicable, are payable by You as indicated in the order summary.

The price is due at the time of validation of the order by the Customer. The Customer guarantees that he is fully entitled to use the payment method he has chosen to pay for his order in accordance with these ToS.

13.2. Means of payment and refund

Payment is made exclusively by:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • or Bank transfer

Brille24 informs the Customer that banking transactions are carried out by professional third parties of the chosen payment method.

In the event of a refund, the amount concerned will be paid in accordance with the payment method used when ordering, with the exception of payments by Bancontact. In the latter case, the refund will be made by bank transfer to the account number provided by the Customer.

13.3. Invoices

For orders via a Customer account, invoices are issued automatically by Brille24 upon receipt of confirmation of payment of the order by the competent service provider. The invoices can then be downloaded from the Customer's account.

The Customer undertakes to communicate the said invoice(s) to the reimbursement bodies only in the event that the order has become final (and therefore excluding return or cancellation procedures).

For orders without a customer account ( "Guest" status), we remind You that no invoice will be automatically issued by Brille24 and that no order tracking is established.

14. Convention of evidence

Brille24 and the Customer expressly agree that operations and data, including identification data and activation of the Customer's Access Codes, dates affixed by the Site's server(s), order acceptance and validation procedures and the contents of validated orders, which are recorded and/or generated automatically by the Site's information system, shall be admissible and shall be binding between the parties even in the event of a dispute and shall constitute proof of all operations and transactions performed by the Customer on the Site.

The Customer acknowledges the probative value of the data and facts resulting from the delivery, reception and delivery systems of third party carriers.

15. Final provisions

15.1. Rescission clause

The resolution of the order may be pronounced by simple e-mail and will be automatically acquired without legal formality in the event that the Customer does not pay the amount of his order.

15.2. Applicable law

The contractual relationship between the Customer and Brille24 is subject to Belgian law.

15.3. Jurisdiction of courts

Each party gives exclusive jurisdiction to the Belgian courts and tribunals.

In the context of relations with final consumers in the European Union, the law of the final consumer's domicile may also be applicable, provided that these are mandatory consumer law provisions.

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