Discover our wide range of eyeglasses. Our glasses are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. They are now available from 29,90€

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Eyeglasses - Buy glasses online at Glasses24

Do you need a new pair of glasses? At Glasses24, you have the freedom to order your glasses from the comfort of your home. All you need is your PC or smartphone. With our wide range of over 40 brands, you are sure to find the glasses that perfectly match your style. 

Large selection of different frames at low prices

We love the variety and different styles that can be created with fashionable eyewear, because glasses are more than just visual aids. The right frame can enhance the wearer's outfit and highlight their personality. From classic, timeless or elegant models to current trendy models, you will find at Glassses24 a wide choice of different eyewear frames, which will meet all tastes. 

Our selection of brands ranges from major brands like Ray-Ban, Oakleyor Persolto popular designers like Wood Fellas, Vogue or Bolon Eyewear. In addition, we offer a large selection of cheap eyewear from our own brand Glasses24 Collection, which always convinces with the latest innovations. In addition, we have expanded our range to include our exclusive TITAN lite by Glasses24 titanium collection, which meets the needs of all discerning eyewear wearers. But it's not just in terms of materials and style that we continue to develop our collections: with our sustainable Circular by Glasses24 collection, we are making our contribution to a green future, as the eyewear frames are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

We make sure that you always find the glasses of your dreams at the best price. That's why you can get our low-priced glasses with single vision lenses from €29.90 and with progressive lenses from €129.90.

How to find the right glasses at Glasses24

With so much choice, it's sometimes not so easy to find the perfect pair of glasses. And how do you know if the glasses you want really fit you? 

  • Filter function :
    With our handy filters, you can refine your search for the right pair of glasses for you. First filter for women's or men'sglasses, then decide on the shape, color or material of your glasses. You can also specify how much you want to spend on your glasses and which brands you prefer and then have a selection of suitable glasses displayed. 
  • Eyeglass Size :
    The size of your glasses is also an important factor in finding the right glasses for you. To determine this, you can easily measure your old glasses. Once you have measured your glasses, you can easily filter our range based on your glasses measurements. In addition to the size of your glasses, you can also decide if your glasses should be full, partial or rimless. 

We hope you enjoy your new glasses!

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