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Bestsellers - All the tastes are in the nature.

And all styles of glasses in the Glasses24 catalog. But in front of the range of frames that it represents, you can feel a little confused. That's why we regularly put forward frames, to let you know which ones we prefer or which our other customers like best. To introduce you to frames that you might not have considered.

Giving you the best quality possible is our goal.

On all our glasses in promotion or selected in favorite of the week, the same care and the same attention are granted to their realization. For a single price per category, you are sure to have: a high quality eyeglass frame, made of long-lasting materials such as acetate, metal or titanium. In addition to this, you will also have lenses made of plastic material, specially refined and individually cut for your eyesight.

And last but not least, a special comfort of sight, achieved by the complete refinement of the lenses:

  • Special anti-reflective coating,
  • Special hardening,
  • UV protection,
  • Anti-scratch protective coating,
  • Hydrophobic - oleophobic treatment.

Moreover, for the same price you can decide to have them as sunglasses, choosing the color of the lens and the intensity of the coloring.

The services associated with each pair of glasses sold are also exceptional: from delivery to warranty and after-sales service, everything is done so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase on the Glasses24 site.

Finally, don't hesitate to add a photochromic treatment to your glasses, for a very reasonable price, that allows you to have glasses which adapt to all your activities since the glasses tint automatically according to the luminosity.

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