Progressive Glasses

The elegant solution to see far and near with one pair of glasses.

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Progressive Glasses

When presbyopia sets in, your near vision becomes increasingly uncertain and, combined with another vision defect, you are left to juggle your glasses.

This is without counting on progressive lenses that allow you to see at all distances with a single pair of glasses.

After forty years of age, your near vision deteriorates, you have more and more difficulty reading small print and you need more light.
These are the symptoms of presbyopia. In fact, the crystal lens loses its elasticity and no longer adapts to allow clear vision at close range. You can no longer do without reading glasses and if you already have corrective lenses for another vision defect, you often find yourself juggling different pairs of glasses.

The most efficient solution to avoid juggling your glasses is to adopt progressive lenses.
Your online optician offers high quality progressive glasses at an extremely competitive price.

As with all glasses ordered from Glasses24, the lenses receive a very comprehensive treatment:

  • Correction,
  • Thinning if necessary,
  • Anti-reflection,
  • Anti-scratch protection...

Glasses24 offers you cheaper glasses but of quality and especially with very effective services. Do not hesitate to call on our customer service who can accompany you throughout your purchase, from the choice of your frame to the online order. You also benefit from a 30-day Exchange or money-back guarantee during which you can try on your glasses without obligation.

Finally, to further optimize your purchase, we offer photochromic lenses: your progressive glasses are tinted according to the light. No need to change glasses when you go out and risk being dazzled or when you come in and your field of vision darkens. A real benefit at a very affordable price at Glasses24.

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