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Your eyes are worth the best protection. UV-rays, invisible but very present, even when the sun seems weak, are dangerous for the cornea, which can prematurely age. Sunglasses give you the opportunity to take better care of your eyes and your sight.

Be protected during your activities

It is important to pick the perfect tint. Glasses24 offers brown, grey, green and green15 for a perfect protection no matter the degree of luminosity of the exposure and the correction your eyesight needs. It is possible your ophtalmologist prescribes a yellow or red tint for therapeutical or specific reasons. The yellow tint can be helpful in conditions that challenge our sight like mist for example. Blue-tinted lenses are more of a fashion accessory. Blue-tinted sunglasses can even be worn indoors (for example on the dancefloor).

You will also have to pick the right degree of tint. Depending on their intensity, tinted lenses protect in a different way. A lens tinted at 10% for example is an almost transparent lens that lets light through and should only be worn indoors by photosensitive people. A tint in between 30% and 50% can be used outdoors when the sky is covered in clouds. It is only starting from 75% that the tint is sufficient to block the light outdoors when the sun is at full force, like in Summer, or at the beach. A superior tint of 85% will block all transmission of color. They can be used in extreme conditions (on the water, in the mountains, or on icy landscapes, but should not be worn when driving).

You can order your sunglasses with the correction you need. Glasses24 will provide you with the exact same quality, and the lenses will have the same coating as regular prescription glasses.

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