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Sunglasses - Your eyes are a capital to protect with care.

UV rays, invisible but present even in weak sunlight, are dangerous and accentuate the aging of the cornea. Sunglasses offer UV protection that is essential to the health of your eyes.

The choice of the tint is determining for a good pair of sunglasses.

There are indeed reference tints such as brown, gray, green and pilot green which guarantee the best protection whatever the luminosity and the correction. Yellow and red are more specific tints that may be recommended by your ophthalmologist for therapeutic reasons or used in particular conditions. This is the case of the yellow tint which increases the perception of contrasts in conditions of reduced visibility (fog, low luminosity...). Blue, finally, is a fancy shade rather worn as a fashion accessory indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the tint, you will have to be careful to choose the right intensity.

Indeed, tinted lenses, depending on their intensity, do not have the same protective role. A 10% tinted lens is a clear lens that lets light through and should be preferred for indoor use or by a photosensitive person. A tint of 30% or 50% gives relatively clear glasses and also lets the light through. It will be used outside in weak sunshine or cloudy sky. It is really from 75% that the lenses are dark and block the light. From this degree of tint they represent a good protection and can be used routinely (in summer, at the beach, skiing ...). Finally, a tint higher than 85% gives very dark lenses and blocks almost all color transmission. They will be used in extreme light conditions (sea, mountain, glacier).

Of course you can order your sunglasses with the corrections that have been prescribed to you.

Glasses24 is committed to providing exactly the same quality of manufacture and to applying the same treatments:

  • Special anti-reflection protection,
  • Anti-scratch,
  • Anti-smudge.

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