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Single vision glasses - Everywhere with you

Your glasses are with you every day. Whether you have a business, casual, sporty or adventurous look, you demand quality, style and comfort above all. That's what Glasses24 offers you, with the added bonus of impeccable lens treatment.

Over the years, you have come to believe that you have determined what is best for you in terms of the shape and appearance of your glasses. On the whole, you choose the same model more or less all the time. However, at Glasses24, thanks to much more reasonable prices than at traditional opticians, you have the opportunity to try out new frames and new looks. Start by visiting our special offers pages and take advantage of the very low prices to test. Of course, nothing prevents you from opting for sunglasses with your corrections, the ultimate fashion accessory.

Change your style as often as you want but without sacrificing quality

Indeed, Glasses24 takes special care of the lenses. A know-how put at the service of quality: organic glasses thinned to the most accurate according to your corrections and your needs, advanced treatments on all the glasses and for a unique price.

On each pair of glasses you will have :

  • an anti-UV protection to preserve your retinas,
  • an anti-scratch treatment that increases the life of your glasses,
  • an anti-reflection treatment for your comfort and that of your interlocutors,
  • an anti-fouling treatment to repel dust particles as much as possible and facilitate cleaning.

All these quality treatments are included in the price and provide you with quality and particularly comfortable corrective glasses.

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