Tinted Lenses

Classification of the tints

Choose from seven colors : blue, brown, yellow, gray, green, green G15 and red.


Main colors : Brown, gray, green and Pilote green (G15)

These tints guarantee the best protection regardless of the degree of luminosity and the prescription. These tints were conceived by specialists and do not change the perception of the colors.

The color brown heightens the contrasts and is recommended for short-sightedness (myopia). For the hypermetropic person, we recommend the tint gray.

Special tints : Yellow and red

The color yellow heightens the contrast in conditions where the visibility is reduced (mist, clouded weather). This tint is excellent for driving at night and certain sports (ski, snowboard...)

The color yellow and red might also be prescribed by your ophthalmologist for therapeutical reasons (Subject with ocular pathology).

Fancy colors : Blue

The tint blue is for the real dare-devils, who like to express themselves with this eye-catcher. Glasses with blue lenses can be worn indoors as well as outdoors.

Note on color representation

Please note that each screen has its own settings and can consequently display colors in a way that differs slightly from the color of the product in question. This is particularly the case for strong to very strong colors.

Classification of the intensity of the tint

For our tinted glasses, we offer five variations (except blue, yellow and red that only go up to 50%).

  • 10% : Transparent or lightly tinted. Ideal for light weather. Advice: for indoor use, computer work, or outdoors for photo-sensitive people.
  • 30% : Light tint. Lightly sunny weather. Advice: essentially meant for outdoor use, when the sun is weak and under cloudy skies.
  • 50% : Moderate tint. Weak sun, cloudy skies. Advice: meant for outdoor use, when the sun is weak and under cloudy skies.
  • 75% : Dark tint. Strong sunlight. Advice: summer, beach, hiking.
  • 85% : Very dark. Allows for a transmission of 15% of the light. Advice: for a high sensitivity to light (for example: sailing, mountaineering, icy conditions...).

Of course, our sunglasses with corrections offer the same comfort as our classical optical glasses. We use the same quality standards and coatings (anti-scratch, anti-reflection, anti-dirt) and, as ever, at a unique, affordable, all-inclusive price. And finally, by trying them on with our online trying tool, you can't go wrong.

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