Progressive Glasses

There are several solutions available to presbyopic people to correct this vision disorder.

Progressive glasses correct three fields of vision (near, intermediate and far), and are therefore a very good option if you do not want to have to change glasses all the time. This type of lenses not only corrects myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism, but also presbyopia.

Office glasses can also be an interesting option for people working in front of a computer screen all day long, and finally you can choose unifocal glasses, which only correct one field of view. No pair of glasses is universal and everyone chooses the pair that suits them best.

Outstanding quality

The progressive lenses Glasses24 combine high quality and highly competitive prices.

Our progressive lenses are of German quality and conform to the latest EC-guidelines.

Our glasses are made-to-measure for every client. They are built in accordance to the new production concept FREE FORM, which is a detailed study enabling us to eliminate the blurred areas at the edges of the lenses. The hi-tech digital coating of the lenses allows us to obtain the following results :

  • A panoramic vision for far sight (> 2,5m)
  • An area of soft intermediate vision (60-90cm)
  • A large area for closeby vision/reading (33-40cm)

This spread has important advantages : there is no longer a minimum height required to adapt the lenses to the frame, and unlike the old generation of progressive lenses, we can now make them for small frames.

The adjustment is easy and effortless thanks to the smooth design of our lenses.

A high quality coating

Our lenses are conceived through laborious and demanding work, especially in regard to the constraints of the adjustment process.

We developed hi-tech progressive lenses at the unbeatable price of 139,90€ all included.

To perfect this exclusive quality, we offer lenses equipped with an anti-reflection coating of the lastest generation, consisting of the following protective layers :

To adjust easily to progressive lenses

Progressive lenses offer clear vision at any distance and require a longer adaptation time than conventional lenses. There are different sorts of progressive lenses (traditional progressive, standardized or individualised). Glasses24 progressive glasses are standardized.

We would like to share a few tips with you, especially for those who are new at this :

  • For distance vision (over 2 meters) : The field of view is located in the upper part of the lens.
  • For intermediate vision (work distance between 40 cm and 90 cm) : We advise you to modify lightly the position of your head. For your near vision, the field of view is located, progressively, in the lower area of the lenses. We advise you to lift the head slightly to find your intermediary vision.
  • For near vision (reading distance of 40 cm) : You have the lower part of your lenses. We advise you to keep you head in the same position, but to slightly look down. Thanks to the variation in strength along the length of the meridian, the wearer is given more scope to obtain clear, sharp vision when looking down. It is easier to access your near and intermediate vision.

If despite everything, after a week or so, you can not seem to adjust to your progressive lenses, please contact our customer support at

How to fill in our corrections section when ordering progressive lenses

Your prescription should have the following terms : Sphere (Sph.), Cylinder (Cyl.), Axis (Ax.) for both right and left eyes for far distance vision and either the Addition (ADD) or corrections for near distance vision.

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