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Progressive glasses - The Glasses of your dreams

If you already have a visual correction, presbyopia, which generally sets in after the age of 40, may be in contradiction and require a second correction. In this case, progressive glasses that allow you to see both far and near, which is not the case with conventional reading glasses, are welcome.

As with every pair of glasses at Glasses24, those with progressive lenses combine quality and competitive prices. They are made to measure according to the correction of each customer and are designed from the new concept of manufacturing FREE FROM. This involves a point-by-point study to eliminate as much as possible the disturbing blurred areas around the lens.

The lens is surfaced on the back side. This high-tech digital surfacing allows us to obtain the following results

  • a panoramic vision for distance vision,
  • a soft intermediate vision zone,
  • a large reading zone.

In addition, all lens coatings offered by Glasses24 are also available as progressive lenses.

In addition to perfectly correcting your vision defects, glasses with progressive lenses are truly the most comfortable solution to accompany you in all your activities.
In the office, because they save you from juggling different pairs of glasses when you look up from your computer to talk to your colleagues, during your leisure time to be able to read the program as well as see the scene for example, or during your sports activities. Your glasses equipped with progressive lenses allow you to play sports safely without having blurred areas of vision that could be dangerous.

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