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Progressive Glasses - Comfortable and optimal visual performance at all distances

When presbyopia sets in, you need to adapt your glasses to see both far and near. This is an excellent opportunity to treat yourself to a new, more elegant and refined frame.

Whether you already have a visual correction or not, after the age of forty, your near vision generally deteriorates. Indeed, the lens loses its elasticity. Its capacity to deform is reduced and its accommodation power decreases. The image is no longer correctly reflected on the retina and vision is blurred. A correction for close vision is necessary to improve your visual comfort. And if you already have a correction, progressive lenses are the most convenient solution.

Glasses24 offers you a wide range of glasses with progressive lenses. Do not hesitate to look at our new products as well as our promotions. Whatever the range you choose, the associated services are always as effective, in particular the 30-day guarantee "exchanged or refunded" during which you will be able to try your glasses without commitment.

Progressive glasses are known to be extremely expensive. This is not the case at Glasses24!

That's why you can afford to have several pairs to match your outfits and your current mood: indeed, glasses have become fashion accessories in their own right and you can juggle between different pairs to match your mood. Moreover, at this price, nothing prevents you from having a pair of glasses in each strategic place where you need them: at the office, in your living room, in the kitchen, in the car, in your handbag...

And to perfect your optical equipment you have the possibility at Glasses24 to order your corrected sunglasses for the same price or to opt for polarized lenses.

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